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Theatre Newfoundland – With Cruel Times in Between

Culture is important to Theatre Newfoundland. Which is why they have created an inspirational production entitled  ‘With Cruel Times in Between’ detailing the highs and the lows of island life. The production will be showing in village halls around the north next month. Find out more here….

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Audiences sure to be hooked by Peter Pan

Planning your pre Christmas night out for the family? You will have an absolute blast at DuckEgg Theatre’s production of Peter Pan due to tour venues in East Yorkshire….. Why not take a look at a trailer for the show, posted below….

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Cine North

It’s no fun if you have to travel for miles to see a decent film at the cinema. Which is why Cine North aims to bring high quality movies to YOUR DOORSTEP. We help manage Cine North which is an inspirational project. Find out more about it here.

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Ramblin’ On…

Performances ‘on the go’…..

‘Ramblin’ On’ tells the story of telling stories! Our man Mike Bettison teamed up with showman and storyteller Gary Bridgens. Together they tramped around the countryside singing songs and pulling stunts to explore the history and evolution of storytelling.

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