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Working with kids….and adults!

We were in rural Lancashire last year working with youngsters in Gisburn Forest. Now the adults want in on the action! If you can’t beat em……

The Gisburn Forest Guy

We’ve had a whale of a time in rural Lancashire.

We teamed up with Cultureapedia – check out their website here it’s pretty funky.

Also an organisation called PeerGroup – website is here

Between us we delivered workshops over the spring and summer months to create the legendary ‘Gisburn Forest Guy’.

Intrigued? You should be. It’s a play loosely based on the story of Robin Hood and his encounters with ‘Guy of Gisburn’ (you didn’t know that Robin Hood hung out in Gisburn Forest did you?).

We had such a riot with the kids on this project that the adults went in the huff saying they wanted to join in. Too right! Why should those pesky kids get all the fun! So we said ok, let’s all do it next time.

Now we are waiting news about more funding to work on a ‘Merlin’ based story for this year. You do know who Merlin is right? King Arthur? Big Sword? Round table? Guinevere?…….. Watch this space!





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