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It’s almost 2019 and we have a whole feast of treats lined up for you in the Spring. We can’t release full details yet, but here’s a taster of what’s to come. We know, exciting, right?

Crisp new Spring Menu is cooking!

It’s almost time to begin 2019 and here at Blaize we like to welcome the new year with a cracking new menu! We are currently in the process of cooking up all sorts of treats for you, from live historical theatre, to children’s theatre and music, comedy and some of the best live music you’ll ever have the privilege of hearing!

We are not yet in a position to announce dates for our next gigs, but here’s a glimpse of what’s coming…

Company – Out of Chaos

Show title –  Unmythable

Website –

 Blurb –  One show. Three actors. All the Greek Myths. Heroes, monsters and randy Gods go head-to-head in a hilarious and unforgettable journey through the greatest stories ever told.

An anarchic blend of comedy, cross-dressing, stories and songs, UNMYTHABLE returns to the UK after a sell-out European tour and an award- winning run at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Company – Little Seeds Music (David Gibb)

Show title – Climb That Tree

Website –

Blurb – David Gibb is on a one man mission to make brilliant, engaging and high quality music for families and children. Climb That Tree is the brand new show from award-winning songwriter and musician David Gibb. Join David on a musical journey through his hilarious and often surreal imagination, where bears live in the cupboard under the stairs, wolves are roaming the corridors at school and trips to the moon are a regular occurrence.

David’s songwriting draws from a wide range of musical influences, deftly blending folk, jazz, reggae and rock and roll, always with an emphasis on quality and musicianship reminiscent of the classics. Guaranteed to have both parents and children singing along in no time, this is music that the whole family can enjoy together.


Company –Blaize Arts

Show Title – Joan and Jimmy

Website –

Blurb ‘Joan and Jimmy’ tells the story of Joan Littlewood and Jimmy Miller, standing amongst the rubble of 1945 post war Britain. Jimmy Miller has changed his name to Ewan MacColl; and both are embarking on a career in radical political theatre, performing one-night stands across the North of England – early rural touring! They founded Theatre Workshop in Kendal with a travelling troupe of storytellers and outlaws committed to the overthrow of the established order where the rich got richer and the poor got austerity – even then! In 1952 they would part company. Joan and
Theatre workshop heading to London and Ewan to the folk music world.


Company – Mambo Jambo

Show Title – Acoustic Roots Duo


Blurb – Accoustic Roots duo, Mambo Jambo, might just be the biggest acoustic duo you’ll ever see. A truly unique two-piece with their own rhythmic and joyful sound they’ll take you on a musical journey bringing together sounds from roots, world, folk and jazz, plus their own compositions. With Frankie on sax, vocals, clarinet, flute, guitar and spoons plus other percussion and Pete on guitar, vocal, ukulele, tres (traditional Cuban guitar), banjo, accordion and suitcase! Pete and Frankie have been gathering admirers at shows and festivals the length and breadth of the country. A Fabulous musical treat is in store wherever they roll up, their tour bus packed to the brim.


Company – Ryan Cook

Show Title – In Concert


Blurb – Mixing classic country music with modern satire, Ryan Cook has forged a sound between contemporary folk and dyed-in-the-wool country. With nuances of pop and western swing, Ryan’s songbook reminiscences of the early hillbilly and folk pioneers but stays very much in the current landscape. On stage Ryan has toured as a solo performer opening for Country purists like Dwight Yoakam, Rosanne Cash and Travis Tritt. His acoustic live show combines thumb-picking guitar styles, original folk and country ballads and vintage music from the 1940’s and 1950’s.


Company – Diyet          

Show Title – Diyet & The Love Soldiers


Blurb –  Born in a tent, raised in a cabin on the shores of a glacial lake in the Kluane region of Canada’s Yukon Territory, Diyet embodies her Southern Tutchone, Japanese, Tlingit and Scottish roots with a musical presence that is equally diverse and unique.
Diyet is Alternative Folk, Roots, Country and Traditional Aboriginal with melodies and stories deeply rooted in her Indigenous world view and northern life. Her songs are an interpretation of a northern reality: hard, raw and will break you if it can but at the same time, always beautiful, gentle, strange and intensely alive. She performs as a trio, Diyet and the Love Soldiers, with husband and collaborator, Robert van Lieshout on guitar and foot percussion and multi-instrumentalist, Bob Hamilton.



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