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Celebrating the National Rural Touring Forum’s #VillageHallsWeek

Happy Village Halls Week!

We are joining in the National Rural Touring Forum’s celebration of Village Halls! (#VillageHallsWeek, Jan 22)

So we’ve lined up some interviews for you about how much our rural touring events brighten up village life and how adaptable village venues can be. Theatre, Music, Dance, Comedy – all fit nicely in village venues. We will be publishing our interviews on Tues 22, January. So please look out for them.

If you use and value your village hall, please support us by making full use of the programme we lay on for YOU! We go out of our way to choose the best acts we can to give you an intimate experience of live performance. We think there’s nothing like it…

Check out a poem, written by Kate Fox for the NRTF about Village Halls – nice isn’t it?

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