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BMX champ Keelan Phillips is wowing Dance Across the North crowds with his skills. Read all about his unique style of dance here………..









Interview with DAN BMX Champ Keelan Phillips

Live BMX dancing has left audiences absolutely spellbound at recent Dance Across the North performances. Here we interview the artist behind the craft, Flatlands BMX Champion Keelan Phillips.

Keelan – your BMX skills are causing quite a stir with our audiences. Can you tell us where you are from and where you trained?

I’m from Leicester, born and raised, and now travel all over the world, either performing or competing on my bike.

When did you first start BMX riding? Tell us a bit about it?

I started out when I was little like most kids do, just messing around on a BMX and hanging out with friends. Then I decided to take it a bit more seriously, going out every day on my bike which led into competitions.
You obviously did very well. Tell us, what does the title Champion of the Flatlands mean?

There are different disciplines to BMX, for example ‘racing’ , and ‘flatland’ is the name given to the type of riding in which it is just the rider and the bike, the purest form, no equipment, and literally done on a flat piece of land hence the name . Many describe it as breakdance on a bike.

And the dancing with Balbir? How did that happen?

We carried out a lot of research and development sessions and found that the dancing and BMX linked well together, it’s interesting because they seem so far apart yet have a lot of similarities.

I have been involved with Balbir for a good few years now, what’s great is the originality of the work we do, not only involving dance with BMX but involving a story in which the BMX bike is used

Did working with Balbir change the way you used your bike?

Yes it’s safe to say I have never done anything like this before, it’s more than just performing, I’m part of the story!

What do you think of Dance Across the North? How does it feel to perform?

I’m all for something original, it’s a great original idea, it feels great to perform with such talented dancers, and they are so willing to get involved and learn about the BMX side too. Dance Across the North is giving us a platform to show people our original and fresh idea which I’m sure nobody has seen before.

You are about to perform in Cumbria. I believe you have performed there before?

I took part in something called ‘sporting champons’ a plan to get kids active and I go along to their Sports’ Days and do a show and also a inspiring talk to motivate them about sports.

On that note, why should people dance? Are there still barriers for boys do you think?

I’m very close to the world of street dance and breakdance, and that’s mostly boys, so I think your meaning like contemporary or Indian dance etc, and there’s no barriers anymore at all, all dancers are equal – it doesnt matter if your a boy or girl  – it just goes on what you can do

What would you like to see happen after Dance Across the North?

A national tour of big theatres – it clearly has the ingredients, and each show gets such positive feedback………
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