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Today (Thurs, Aug 14) is THE last day of rehearsals for the cast of The Ballads of the Beasts of Bowland which will be performed this weekend (Frid, Aug 15, Sat, Aug 16). Take a look at some of the images we have managed to grab of the beasties in action during a series of workshops earlier this week….

beasties forestbeastie one

It’s show time at Gisburn Forest…..

In a world where animals can talk and woodland spirits rule the roost…. anything can happen!

So make sure you don’t miss it.

The cast of the Ballads of the Beasts of Bowland have been working hard all week to bring you a dazzling outdoor performance to be held in Stephen Park.

Frogs, bees, wolves, and all sorts of other beasties will be telling ‘tails’ on exactly what goes on in the forest when no one is looking.

These colourful characters have taken part in a series of workshops, working long, hard, hours to ensure they create a truly magical show complete with woodland spirits and portals!

So make SURE you are at Gisburn Forest on Friday Aug 15 at 6pm  and Sat Aug 16 (2pm and 5pm) to cheer them on.

Watch this hilarious clip from the first LIVE performance.

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