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The Thing That Came From Over There! EEK!

Huddle together folks and get ready for The Thing That Came from Over There!

This rip-roaring comedy adventure from Gonzo Moose  is a fast-paced performance, mixing paranoia, suspense and hilariously gruesome deaths. Yummy! Inspired by the Horror movies of the 1950’s, The Thing That Came From Over There is set in 1912. A meteor has crashed in Antarctica. The whole of planet earth is endangered. What ancient evil lurks inside the crater? What is the dark secret of the slimy fungus? And what is the horrifying fate of those who encounter the parasitic space worms?

Join us and find out. The show is full of shocks, spine tingling silliness, and blood curdling terror. It will appear at ;

Lund Village Hall, Sat, March 03, at 7.30pm. Tickets 01377 217776 or 01377 219598

  • Please book early to avoid disappointment. Ticket prices may vary between venues.

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