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It’s the @NRTF’s #VillageHallsWeek. We’re joining the celebrations to toast village halls!

A celebration of Worlaby Village Hall…

Here at Blaize, we join the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF) to celebrate #VillageHallsWeek! Village venues play a vital role in the lives of many rural communities.  Today we hear from one of our valued promoters, Richard Beeforth, who is responsible for our Live Lincs’ events at Worlaby Village Hall in North Lincolnshire. 


Richard explains;


Worlaby is a small village in North Lincolnshire but despite its size it has great community spirit and is a nice place to live. The village pub closed some years ago so our village hall is the hub for most community activity and is very well used. We have a fairly new village hall and our Village Hall Committee works hard to maintain and improve it.


The Live Lincs rural touring scheme has been superb for Worlaby and surrounding area. Not only providing quality entertainment for our residents but providing much needed income for upkeep of the hall. Because the quality of acts have been consistently high, it makes it easy for me, as promoter, to sell tickets. I usually only have to put out a promotion email to our locals and the demand for tickets comes flooding in! We usually fill the hall which creates a great atmosphere for the entertainers as well as providing a memorable night for the residents.


As promoter of the scheme for Worlaby, the most rewarding time is getting good feedback from our audience after a performance. I then feel satisfied that I have chosen well ! It’s particularly rewarding when the entertainers also provide good feedback that we have looked after them well. Thanks to my wife Pam and our volunteer helpers, performers always get well fed at Worlaby !


I hope the funding for this scheme continues and Blaize continue to provide such a high standard and diverse mix of entertainers. Long may it continue !


Richard Beeforth

LiveLincs Promoter.

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