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ArtERY Live

Artery live is a rural touring scheme which offers the very best theatre, music, dance, comedy and family fun in range of local venues in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

ArtERY Live

EVERYONE likes to have fun and it is our job here at Artery Live to ensure that EVERYONE does!

Which is why we bring live theatre, music, dance and comedy STRAIGHT to your doorstep if you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

You may live in a small community but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on BIG names.

How do we do it? Easy! There are plenty of venues available – sit back and relax as we transform your village hall from an empty room into a comedy zone, theatre, mosh pit or dance studio. Seriously – it can be done.

ArtERY is a member of the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF). and is just one of the projects Blaize manages.

We know the venues and we know how get our hands on them so that your life in your village is a blast.

Here’s a flavour of what we have already achieved this year…..

Between October 2013 and May 2014, we welcomed six professional companies and artists:

Luke Wright –  the Essex Lion. Never heard of him? Okay, well let us tell you a bit about him. First of all he’s hilariously funny and secondly he’s a poet.  We found that the word ‘poetry’  scared some people far more than the word LION– but the emphasis here was on comedy not flowery prose. His latest show ‘Essex Lion’ had audiences roaring with laughter. More here 

Lempen Puppet Theatre presented The Fisherman and The Pearl. This group has entertained audiences all over the country and know exactly how to reel kids in. This time they told the story of McManus, an old fisherman who mourned the good old days when the sea was teaming with life and fishing was good. He was getting a little grumpy in his old age until his granddaughter Jo found a pearl on the beach and showed him that all was not lost…..

The show was suitable for ages five and above and went down a treat with audiences young and old! More here

Blaize & Lester Simpson’s Standing In Line – this is the story of the Great War, marking the 100 year anniversary of the conflict. Using music from the era, poetry and storytelling it focused on the life of Albert Scrimshaw – one of countless young men who marched off to battle – and never marched back. The soldier’s death at the Battle of Passchendaele could have remained another statistic among the fallen. Until his great-nephew, musician Lester Simpson, decided to tell his story. Read more:

Avanti + Artizani’s Six Impossible Things  – It’s impossible – or is it? Audiences couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw this lot perform. A great mix of magic and science – More here

Vocalist Christine Tobin, Guitarist Phil Robson & Bass Player Dave Whitford’s A Thousand Kisses Deep took their audience on on a journey through Canadian singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen’s best work. More here

Finally, Temple Theatre’s Unmythable – an anarchic blend of comedy, cross-dressing, stories and songs of all the Greek myths. Puzzled? Don’t be. Find out more here

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