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We can not wait for this incredible dance company to return to us this autumn…

Balbir Singh Dance Company (autumn 2021) – Love and Spice

‘Love and Spice’ in North Lincolnshire!

An elderly couple, still very much in love, look back on their lives together, reliving key moments through memories of the meals they shared. As the couple reminisce, their younger selves appear, and enact the memories of times past. The atmosphere is suffused with the aromas of a richly spiced life. With the couple’s advancing age, each has lost one of their senses: he the sense of smell; she the sense of taste. Can spices – in particular Black Pepper and Cardamom, the king and queen of spices – help them recapture what has been lost? Annapoorna, the goddess of food and nourishment, summons the butter-thief Krishna and the sweet-toothed elephant-headed god Ganesh to help her cook a special meal in the kitchen. Together they will try to bring back the couple’s lost senses, but what else will be rekindled along the way?

Love and Spice combines different art forms and cultural traditions in surprisingly delicious ways. Blending Kathak dance and live music, with a chef cooking live on stage . . . this is truly a multicultural feast for all the senses.


Balbir Singh Dance Company Love and Spice will be appearing on –


  • Thu, Nov 04, 7.30pm Kirton-in-Lindsey Town Hall, DN 21 4LZ
  • Tickets – 01652 648435 email – 


  • Fri, Nov 19, 7pm, Barton-on-Humber Assembly Rooms, Queen Street, DN18 5QP
  • Tickets – / tele 07884 933788


  • Sat, Nov 20, 7.30pm Wroot Village Hall, DN9 2BT
  • Tickets 01302 771802 / 07912 490323 email –




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