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Solos, duets and BMX!

Solos and Duets


If you love a bit of astmosphere coupled with hypnotic dance routines then this is the show for you! Solos and duets is a mesmerising programme of two halves, featuring four classical Indian dance solos, followed by a musical interlude between tabla player and beatboxer and duet. This show is part of our Dance Across the North project which aims to encourage audiences in the north of England to embrace diverse dance. It’s a belter of a show and to prove it, click on this link and see for yourself.

  Where and When

Longcroft School Beverley, Thursday April 14, time : 7pm tickets: 01482 870751 or TIC 01482 391672

Swanland Village Hall, Saturday April 23, time: 7.30pm tickets: 01482 634863

Champion of Flatlands

There are many great things to be said about Balbir Singh Dance Company but one of them is how adventurous this group really is. Champion of Flatlands is a thrilling combination of performance art and urban culture, featuring a UK and Euro Champion Flatland BMX rider. We know….dancing …. on a BMX. See? It’s incredible. Don’t miss it!

Where and When

Longcroft School Beverley, Thursday, April 14, time 7pm tickets 01482 870751


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