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Today we celebrate Village Halls Week by talking to Yvonne Dumsday promoter for Swanland Village Hall…

Celebrating Swanland Village Hall!

Today we celebrate The National Rural Touring Forum’s #VillageHallsWeek with a few words from our trusty promoter, Yvonne Dumsday, who manages Swanland Village Hall for @ArtERY Live in East Yorks.

Yvonne said;

I have been enjoying shows provided by Blaize for well over ten years now in Swanland Village Hall and have never been disappointed by the professionalism of all the performers and the variety of genres that have been offered : folk musicians from Estonia; one woman show from Canada; thought-provoking plays; jazz, classical, folk music with instruments from small fiddles to huge mandolins and harps; dancers from around the world – including one on stilts! – puppet theatre … you name it and Blaize have probably provided it.

I am looking forward to attending so many more international shows in our local venue in the months and years to come.

This season Swanland will host;

Joan and Jimmy  on Sunday, March 17, Swanland Village Hall, Tele 01482 634863  email –

And Canadian singer Ryan Cook 27th April, 7.30pm, Swanland Village Hall, HU14 3QR, Tele 01482 634863 email –

Yvonne is pictured (left) at Swanland Village Hall introducing jazz musicians Birkett and Fisk (Spring 2018) and below welcoming her audience to Canadian theatre company, Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s production of Our Frances last season.

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