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It’s #VillageHallsWeek. Find out what we’ve been up to in Wroot, North Lincolnshire, from one of our promoters.

Celebrating Wroot Village Hall! #VillageHallsWeek

Today we celebrate the NRTF’s #Village Halls Week with an interview from Pat Hamilton, our cherished promoter for Wroot Village Hall, in North Lincs. 

Wroot is a small village, approximately 450 people, we have a village pub and a shop with limited opening hours.  But we do have a lively community and a busy village hall, see Wroot Rocks on the internet.

It is 10.7 miles to the Cast Theatre in Doncaster and 17.3 miles to the Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe.  Many older people do not feel safe going into either town at night to see any theatre.

Rural touring has made it possible for local people to see quality theatre in a safe local environment, with parking on site.  Over the years we have had some fantastic productions, theatre, music and dance.  Our audiences are not huge but they are enthusiastic and enjoy talking to the cast at the end of the evening, often sharing a glass of wine with those cast members who aren’t driving.  I always feed the cast a hot meal and they really appreciate this.

One year we had the Balbir Singh Dance Company, together with a champion BMX cyclist.  In the afternoon the company had done a workshop at our village school.  One child turned up at the evening performance without a parent Balbir and I both talked to him.  Mum arrived furious that he had sneaked out as he was desperate to see the show, she took him home. After a fantastic show Balbir asked me for my contact details and later sent promotional materials and a video of the show for me to give to the boy; he was delighted.

We have seen some incredible shows that without rural touring we would not have been able to afford and we can’t thank them enough.

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