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So someone somewhere told us that a young BMX rider was performing dance moves on his (wait for it……) bike. Idle gossip? Or absolute truth….read on….


dancing bike for rural 2






Dancing……….on a BMX bike?

Balbir Singh Dance Company Double Bill; Solos and Duets and Champion of the Flatlands

*Wroot Village Hall


Audiences in North Lincolnshire will be absolutely spellbound by a performance of dance – on a BMX bike.

UK and Euro Champion BMX rider Keelan Phillips has teamed up with Balbir Singh Dance Company to produce one of the most daring and breath-taking performances in the world of dance.

Balancing with poise and skill on his BMX, Keelan will deliver an electrifying performance when he visits Wroot Village Hall on October 06.

The show, which forms part of LiveLincs Autumn season of events, is part of a double bill and will be staged alongside contemporary dance solo and duets, all choreographed by Balbir and his team.

The production has already proved a massive hit with audiences elsewhere in the country and has to be seen to be believed! Tickets are on sale NOW by telephoning 01302 771802.

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