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Our #funtogether campaign is just what it says on the tin. Come and join us for some light relief – life can be a challenge, we know that, but a night out is something to look forward to and be part of.

#FunTogether campaign

One of our missions is to ensure that people living in hard-to-reach places have fun.

We know how difficult life can be and how isolated people can feel, even when living in small communities. We want to help with this by making sure we have #funtogether.

As the dark nights draw in, it can cast a shadow over our thoughts with research showing that November 27 is the loneliest day of the year. A study by The Co-op and the British Red Cross reveals over 9 million people in the UK across all adult ages – more than the population of London – are either always or often lonely.

Which is why we have hand picked a whole feast of events which we believe will lift your spirits and hopefully make you feel less alone. Live productions can do this; they make you feel part of something bigger and the audience is just as important as the act itself. So please, help us spread the word about events and come along and join us.

Here is what our promoter, Yvonne Dumsday, from Swanland has to say: “Since Swanland Village Association began booking live shows from Artery, about fifteen years ago, the reputation of these events has grown and many “singletons” now turn up as they are no longer apprehensive about being alone.

“They sit in rows next to friends and neighbours at Swanland Village Hall and chat to them at the interval or sit at tables with complete strangers and soon become part of the group.  Many people are, at first, cautious about buying a single ticket but, as I too am a singleton, I assure them they can sit with me and, gradually they grow in the confidence that, for this evening, they will be not alone but part of a whole.”

Check out our listings for #EastYorkshire and Swanland here for events



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