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Working with kids in care….

Hear Us Now was inspirational! We worked with kids in care who wrote their own songs and recorded them on to a CD. We are now looking for funding to develop this project further….

Hear Us Now

This project totally rocks! We worked with kids in care (looked after children) and encouraged them to write and record their own songs.

These were put on a CD, website or used as part of a ‘radio’ presentation.

Sometimes the youngsters we worked with got even more ambitious, using animation, photography, artwork, or video.

The finished product was extremely poignant and told us more about their experiences of family life, relationships or whatever else was on their mind – it proved to be a brilliant way of allowing these youngsters to be heard and feel empowered.

Our fully trained Relate counsellor Jim Woodland made sure everything was handled confidentially and sensitively.  We are now seeking funding and partnerships to develop this project further.

It’s already grabbed the attention of Leeds City Council and Bradford Council – could you be interested too? Are you someone who can offer to help more people benefit from this project by funding a group to get involved? If so contact:


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