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La Bella and The Lost Chord of Ulanbataar

La Bella and the lost chord of Ulanbataar is a musical journey not to be forgotten!

This high energy show follows three hapless musicologists to find the fabled Lost Chord which will enable any musician to find enlightenment, play any tune and possibly solve the mystery of K’s missing scotch egg.

Think Tintin, Holmes and possibly Gardner’s Questions wrapped up with some banging tunes, stentorian theatrics and the joke in the dying minutes. The show delves into the ancient mysteries of the Middle East… Epic journeys across the Mongolian deserts in old jalopies, chasing spies along the Silk Road… High Priests and Holy temples among jagged mountain peaks…what else do you want?

You can catch La Bella at;

  • Sunday October 13, 3pm at Brigg Serviceman’s Club, (DN20 8EX)
  • For tickets tele 07716 126982  or 01652 657053 or email


  • Friday November 22, 7.30pm at Goxhill Memorial Hall, (DN19 7JJ)
  • For tickets tele 01469 530363 or email


  • Saturday, November 30, 7.30pm, at Appleby Village Hall (DN15 OAS)
  • For tickets, tele 01724 647665 or email


Audience: For all the family

Live Lincs Autumn 2019 digital

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