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Lights, camera, action…. with learning disabled adults….

We caused quite a stir at the Big Soup in Keighley. Working with learning disabled adults we had an absolute blast making a blockbuster musical. And the fun ain’t over yet! Read on to find out the ‘Twist’ in the tale…

Big Soup

The Big Soup

Here at Blaize we like to think that anything is possible – even a red carpet event in Keighley.

The event was the premiere of the film ‘Slick’ made by learning and physically disabled adults in the area.

We teamed up with Big Soup Theatre Group and together created a blockbuster musical to rival the 1970’s classic ‘Grease.’ (John Travolta eat your heart out).

We thought it was only fitting that the cast of Slick arrive at their debut in limousines.

It’s been three years since we first started working with this vibrant group. They really took a shine to film making and with our help raised funding to kit out their very own digital suite complete with high definition editing equipment. The aim now is to train members of the group to make their own films in future.

So far, we have worked together with this group to create two short feature films, and have helped edit various productions such as pantomimes and shows which they have produced independently of us.  This project goes from strength to strength and our man Jim is now working on a new short feature of ‘Oliver’ based on the original Dickens tale of Oliver Twist. It’s looking pretty good so far……

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