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It’s back for autumn! The show that gave us goosebumps in the spring – imagine what it will do in the dark nights. Read on to find out about this fantastic production from bgroup and China Plate – ‘Point of Echoes…’

Point of Echoes in Wroot

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend hour after hour alone in a lighthouse?

We can’t wait for the return of Point of Echoes, an atmospheric and, if we may say so, moving, dance/theatre event –  which will give you an insight into exactly what it could be like but be warned – this show will give you goosebumps!

Inspired by our Dance Across the North Project in 2016, Wroot Village Hall will be showing the specially commissioned Rural Touring Dance Initiative, which wowed audiences in Barton-upon- Humber last spring.

Performed by bgroup and China Plate, this production is breathtaking – so make sure you snap up tickets fast before they are all sold out.

So what is it all about? The blurb says;  ….The year is 1978, isolated from the mainland, Eric Valentine and Bernard Humphries have been stationed at Echo Point lighthouse, somewhere off the coast of England. The unlikely strangers have just begun to lay down foundations for this odd working relationship when the uncanny occurs. Point of Echoes is a haunting tale of love, death and monsters, blending the tones of a Wes Anderson movie with the eerie dread of The Twilight Zone. ..

The hair on our neck is already twitching!

Point of Echoes will be shown at the following venue and time;

bgroup            Point of Echoes

Tue 18 Sep      7.30     Wroot Village Hall      DN9 2BT          01302 771802/ 07912 490323/




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