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It’s Village Halls Week! Today there will be celebrations in village halls all over the country. Here we celebrate Swanland Village Hall!

Promoter Yvonne Dumsday of Swanland Village Hall wears her best smile as she waits to greet her audience…

The joy of the village hall!

It’s #VillageHallsWeek – a week-long celebration of unique community buildings scattered throughout the country.

Here at Blaize, we know just how important village halls can be in order to bring people together, combat loneliness and provide joyous and memorable events!

One of our most popular village halls is in Swanland, East Yorkshire, where our ArtERY Live events are managed by promoter, Yvonne Dumsday, who is always ready to greet new audience members with a smile.

We asked Yvonne to put us in touch with regular ArtERY Live customer and village hall user, John McKain, to tell us what Swanland Village Hall means to him.

John was the hall secretary and booking secretary for the first eight years after opening.

He told us; “When I was hall secretary, I, with the help of other trustees, had to find customers, offering a variety of activities to fill our various rooms. Many of these activities still exist today, including Swanland Village Association, U3A and other village organisations. The hall also provides room for the village library. There are private dance classes, bridge groups etc, all of which means that the hall is self-financing and runs very well.

“We use the hall regularly. Every week my wife, Shirley, attends Zumba classes there and we both visit once a month for a U3A Singing for Fun group.  We also attend all the lives shows from ArtERY Live etc and the monthly film shows where we help organisers. The Live Shows are our favourites, especially musical acts when the hall can be set up cabaret style! We also love the modern and classic old films. One act in particular that stands out is the French singer, Flossie. She returns year after year to a capacity audience – it’s one of the highlights!

“We are very lucky and proud that our village hall holds the top award of grade 3, which is the only one of its kind in the area. It definitely brings people together, as attendances show, and it’s a real throbbing part of the community!”

Here at Blaize we’d like to say a special thank you to Yvonne and John for helping to make ArtERY Live such a success.

If you’d like to see the full range of activities at Swanland Village Hall please visit



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