opening new doors to the arts

Just why are the arts so special?

  • It brings people together
  • Laughter is good for the soul
  • It can help individuals and groups form as sense of identity
  • It encourages learning
  • It’s a great way of meeting people
  • It boosts your local economy’.

Why ‘the arts’?

We sometimes think ‘the arts’ sounds terribly posh and exclusive but it doesn’t have to be – art is great fun and making art can mean that you get the chance to say things you really want to say but don’t feel you can. We work in a positive and safe way and believe that providing communities with easy access to the arts is important.

Here’s why;

‘It brings people together’. When you attend or take part in a cultural event you may meet like-minded people, which could help you feel less isolated.

‘Laughter is good for the soul.‘ Going out to the theatre, watching a film, or laughing your socks off at live comedy is fun – and anything that is fun is definitely good for your mental health.

‘It can help individuals and groups form as sense of identity.’ Taking part in a cultural event can make you really feel part of something, give you a sense of purpose, raise your self esteem. You may discover talents you never knew you had and you get the opportunity to challenge yourself.

‘It encourages learning.’ Children and young people who take part in the arts can improve their literacy, form a sense of identity and can develop an understanding of others.

‘It’s a great way of meeting people.’ The arts can also help to alleviate loneliness in our ageing population and in other minority groups.

And finally –‘It boosts your local economy’. In England alone, 99,000 people are employed in the arts and culture sector.

Our aim is to make sure that NO ONE feels excluded from the arts – we want everyone to be given the opportunity to try things out and enjoy themselves!


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