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Remember Dance Across the North? When we shimmied all the way across the north of England? The event was so successful, our audiences got an appetite for dance so who are we to deprive them? Now we bring you, James Wilton Dance, a mesmerising new show.

Would you care to dance?

We know how many of you enjoyed our Dance Across the North project in 2016, so this season, we aim to whet your appetite with another dynamic new show. We bring you James Wilton Dance whose performance, entitled Leviathan, proved a real hit with audiences at Edinburgh Festival.

The event was described by one reviewer as Dance that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Athletic bodies taking fearless risks with limitless adventurous choreography, defying gravity and any other restrictive theory.

What more could you ask for? Precise dates and times have yet to be confirmed but do keep an eye on our website and Twitter account @BlaizeArts for details.

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