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Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco

October 6, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Bringing a highly skilled performance and a deeply evocative touch of fiery Spain to you, Ricardo Garcia, flamenco guitarist and composer has programmed for you a full spectrum of music, rhythm and dance.

Ricardo’s trio have performed at the Edinburgh Festival on several occasions and he has recently returned from a residency for the Spanish Embassy in East Africa, a regular occurrence.

Their unique delivery of the Spanish artform from classic to contemporary including a look at the deep roots of flamenco. Some Spanish classical music and a touch of World influence create a show like you have never seen before which will expand your awareness and bring you joy!

Ricardo Garcia’s guitar playing is stellar; at times it sounds as though two guitars are being played instead of one. As for the dancers, they demonstrate power, fluidity and speed, seeming to be convulsing violently from the waist down.

There is no story – just the dance and the mellifluous tune of an acoustic guitar. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Target audience: 12 +

“…an intimate journey of emotion, passion and exceptional musical dexterity with supreme flamenco guitar, cajon, castanets and dance.”

“Garcia and the dancing duo gave an impeccable performance, keeping the audience gripped throughout, their feet tapping. During the show, the audience is treated to music of varying moods, from sensual to upbeat to desperate, as if depicting a story of lovers suffering for their passion for each other; each mood is effectively characterised by the dancers.”