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Who are we?

Welcome to Blaize! We know that if you are visiting this page you are curious to know more about us.

So we are going to tell you about all the FUN we have here at Blaize!

We are a good humoured bunch who love to see communities getting all fired up and creative.

Our official title is ‘community arts organisation’ but we can already see your finger hovering over the escape button!

So let’s just say we like to meet people, inspire them and help them enjoy the lighter side of life.

How do we do that? Easy! We bring the very best in quality theatre, music, dance, children’s entertainment and comedy straight to your community.

Which means you don’t have to travel for miles to enjoy a good night out.

We work nationally but mainly cover the north of England and are particularly active in isolated, rural communities where access to the arts may be limited.

We have lots of contacts with talented and experienced performers who have toured all over the country so you can be guaranteed that whatever we deliver will be worth ditching a night in front of the telly for. Just search through our website and take a look at some of our work – it speaks for itself.


We don’t just deliver fun. We also create it! Have you ever watched a film, a play or a dance routine and thought to yourself ‘We could do that’?

With our help you really can!

We’ve seen teenagers cut their own CDs, helped a group of people with learning disabilities to produce their very own musical (complete with red carpet premiere) and encouraged patients with Alzheimer’s to sing their heart out.

We can work with any group that wants to create and loves a challenge, and can offer;

  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Guidance
  • Specialist equipment
  • Venues


We’ve been doing this for thirty years now and thanks to Arts Council funding we’ve still got an appetite for more.




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    Getting in touch with us

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