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Our approach

We firmly believe that to get the best out of you, we have to give the best of ourselves.
This approach has worked well for us over the years and we have found that our zest for creativity and fun tends to rub off on the groups we work with.

Whenever we take on something new, we listen carefully to ensure we gain a good understanding of what each individual community needs.

We are friendly and encouraging and have excellent organisational and project management skills which help us to manage a variety of projects successfully.

We are also pretty good at networking.

Here are some of the many organisations we have worked with over the years:

  • National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB),
  • Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust
  • The National Media Museum and the British Film Institute.
  • The Alzheimer’s Society
  • Many county councils
  • Yorkshire Dance
  • Get Moving
  • Community and Youth Services
  • CYC – Connecting Youth Culture
  • Rural Stress Information Network

Why do we do that? Well, we believe that much of our work feeds into and compliments the work of other organisations so we work together to produce the best results.

We have built up an enviable little black book full of contacts and have a strong pool of artists to call upon whenever we need help.

And we have developed links with the wider European community through our work.

Have you heard of international network for contemporary performing arts (IETM)?  Well,  it’s a network for people and organisations like ours which has enabled us to form links with other organisations all over Europe. There is more info here  if you need it but basically the IETM does what it says on the tin.

If you like the sound of what we do, call us on 01943 607030

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