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Standing in Line

A story of the Great War told in songs, readings and images

by Lester Simpson, Nigel Corbett and Mike Bettison. Standing In Line is the story of the Great War, and the impact it had on the lives of ordinary people.

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Sparkling Spring Season for Live Lincs

Our Live Lincs Spring Season menu is out! Reach for your diary folks! So much to see and do in North Lincolnshire…..

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Spring back to life with ArtERY Live

We will make you laugh, sing and maybe even shriek a little during our latest season of events here at ArtERY Live. Read on – if you dare….

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Thrilling Dance show features BMX bikers

Prepare to be blown away by the incredibly daring and adventurous Balbir Singh Dance Company. BE WARNED – dance is infectious – just ask champion BMX biker Keelan Phillips – he’s hooked. Read on to find out more….


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