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Dommy B

Fun times for youngsters with Dommy B! Read on to find out where and when…

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New Dates for Standing in Line

More performances of Standing in Line are planned for autumn 2018. Read on for details…

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ArtERY Live – Sparkling events planned for Spring!

What’s next for @ArtERY Live? Read on to find out what surprise events we have planned for Spring.

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Shoo Shoo Baby; The Great Cabaret Safari

Shoo Shoo Baby! Shimmy on over to the next page and find out what this is all about. Oh the glamour!

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Call Mr Robeson, A life, with Songs…

This show is utterly unmissable… Read on to find out why

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Birkett and Fisk

Live music from Birkett and Fisk at Swanland and Bishop Burton…

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Live Lincs; Burst of colourful events planned

URGENT NEWSFLASH! Due to weather conditions, the performance of The Thing That Came From Over There TONIGHT at  Worlaby Village Hall, Thurs, March 1, and TOMORROW at Wroot Village Hall, Frid, March 2, have been CANCELLED. We are currently trying to reschedule and will let you know ASAP when dates are confirmed.

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Jango Starr’s One Man Shoe Act

This show will make you giggle AND blow your mind! Don’t miss it.

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Shoo Shoo Baby! It’s Cabaret time.

What a laugh! It’s Cabaret from Shoo Shoo Baby. Join us, we’ll have a giggle.

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Bone Ensemble; Where’s My Igloo?

Fantastic family fun from The Bone Ensemble! Come and find the igloo! You’ll never guess where it is…

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