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Tomato Tomato – our Canadian act!

Form an orderly queue please for this next act – Canadian musicians. Yes we know you all love them…

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Townsend Productions: We are the Lions Mr Manager!

We can NOT wait to see this production! Watch, learn, be inspired…

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Celtic Christmas songs – Lovely!

Celebrate Christmas with some Celtic songs – what a special night out! Read on…

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Keira Martin Dance – Here Comes Trouble!

This is a belter of a show folks. You will LOVE it! Read on…

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Cosy up with Sidney’s Shed

Experience the magic of Sidney’s Shed – a show for all the family!

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Tomato Tomato anyone?

WE know you are just going to LOVE this act. Yep, they are Canadian musicians. What more can an audience ask for? SUPERB.

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Townsend Productions: We Are The Lions Mr Manager

There’s nothing like a fight for justice to keep you fired up. This incredible story charts the life of one of the UK’s most inspiring women. Read on…

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Urban Conceptz: Inside My Mind

Urban Conceptz Inside My Mind is a stunningly powerful piece of theatre. Just watch the trailer and you will be reaching for the phone to snap up tickets!

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Irish Harp music at Christmas time

Festive end to the season! Let Maire Ni Chathasaight and Chris Newman lull you towards Christmas with their Irish Harp and Guitar music this autumn.

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Fluff Productions

EVENT FINISHED Secrets and lies! This looks so good! We do love a bit of espionage! Read on or watch the trailer!

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