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What’s coming up?

Here at Blaize we like to keep busy.
We've always got something creative on the go and the minute it's finished we're already thinking about what to do next.

Because we work with so many groups we often find that no two projects are ever the same so we are constantly evolving and learning new skills.
We are lucky because we liaise with lots of other groups and organisations to ensure that we deliver the very best entertainment and training possible.

Take a look at what we are working on right now.

Happening Now

Here’s a quick look at what we are working on….

Free Singing Workshop for Youngsters

YOUNG MUSICIANS! Join us for a free singing workshop with renowned folk singer, Sandra Kerr, courtesy of Music at the Heart of Teesdale. Read on to find out more…

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Award-winning youth band wows audience

Music at the Heart of Teesdale’s  youth band, Cream Tees scoop up awards!  Read more…


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New Dates for Standing in Line

More performances of Standing in Line are planned for autumn 2018. Read on for details…

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Folk Traditions Revived by Youngsters in Rural Dale

Find out all about the incredible youngsters involved in Music at the Heart of Teesdale M@HoT in this fascinating article which also pays tribute to our very own Mike Bettison!

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Dance Across the North Performance Guide

You make me feel like dancing….with Dance Across the North! Find out which northern venue will be positively pulsing with our energetic performances this autumn…

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The Big Soup

Lights, camera, action…. with learning disabled adults….

We caused quite a stir at the Big Soup in Keighley. Working with learning disabled adults we had an absolute blast making a blockbuster musical. And the fun ain’t over yet! Read on to find out the ‘Twist’ in the tale…

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Singing for the Brain – working with Alzheimer’s Society

Musical activities to help the elderly….

We are using the power of song to connect with people with Alzheimers. Find out more about this fascinating project here…..

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Music at the heart of Teesdale

We like to make a bit of a noise here at Blaize which is why teamed up with Music at the Heart of Teesdale (M@HoT). Together we persuaded a group of young people to form a youth folk group known as ‘Cream Tees.’ And what a talented bunch they turned out to be…….

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Getting in touch with us

If you need to get in touch with us to find out about anything that we do, please use the contact form and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible